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The GTN works in the field of custom furniture.
The company is a family business with highly qualified and experience in the field of furniture of the majestic cruise ships. It is thanks to its high competence that GTN exceeds the common conception of carpentry: not enough woodworking skills to decorate the giants of luxury. Required millimeter precision, flexibility, dexterity in working with various materials, absolute perfection and attention to detail, rigorous timely delivery of the finished product. Where normal carpenters do not come, come instead the ability and excellence of GTN. Building on its experience in the naval, GTN does not fear comparison in setting up retail space, professional offices, yachts, hotels, restaurants, bakeries, ice cream shops and homes, putting perfection, elegance and style first. GTN is synonymous with luxury tailor. And it is in this expression that the company has its foundation.


Via dell'Artigianato 137

Tel. +39 0432 731423

Mobile +39 335 1768436 / +39 348 7234390

P.IVA e C.F. 02709690305

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