Forever-loveForeverLove is the project name of a bench dedicated to lovers whose construction was partly entrusted to the GTN Design. The structure of the bench of love is made of corten steel, while the seat is made of Iroko treated with wax to resist wear over time.


The project was born from the idea of Stefano and Francesco Borella, respectively designer and architect who in their study of Manzano drew love the bench thinking to place it in front of the Arena di Verona, city of love par excellence. The bench incorporates the original names of the world's most famous lovers: Romeo and Juliet. For this reason, the idea was to combine the two initials to form a heart and continue with a session on which lovers, in one of the most famous cities. Recent studies have revealed that the origin of Shakespearean drama comes from the story of two Friulian Luigi Da Porto and her cousin Lucina Savorgnans. It seems that from Porto has been inspired by her story after being injured in Manzano in 1511 in a clash between the troops of the Republic of Venice and the imperial, impaired and could no longer marry Lucina. The paper passed from hand to hand until he arrived at the famous British playwright who made him famous.


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